How to Write a Love Poem that Doesn’t Suck

When it comes to expressing your true feelings to the woman you love, you may think writing a love poem for her is unmanly or is something guys just don’t do. I’m here to tell you that putting how you feel into words and writing those words down for your partner is the most manly thing you can do, and every guy should do it. To not express your feelings is cowardly, and cowardliness is the opposite of manliness. This post will show you how to tackle your hesitations when it comes to expressing your emotions, and it will teach you how to write a poem that rhymes and will melt her heart.

The Purpose of Writing a Love Poem

how to write a love poemYou probably have heard the saying “actions speak louder than words.” That may be true, but what about actions that include words? The combination of actions with words may be the best of both worlds. In this scenario, the action is you writing a poem, and the words are… Well the words are your words!

Writing a love poem for your partner will show her that you value her enough to take the time to tell her in a creative way. The original poem gives you the perfect platform to communicate why she is important, why she is special, and why you feel fortunate to have her to share your life with.

Telling her that you love her every morning as you walk out the front door on your way to work may feel sufficient at the moment, but for many women it often is not an adequate amount of expressing love. Writing a love poem allows her to keep your words with her for all time. It is something that can serve as a reminder to her of how you truly feel when she needs it, a great memory of the occasion when you gave her the poem, and probably a great Facebook status update to make all of her friends jealous.

What to Include in a Love Poem

Now that you are determined to write the greatest love poem that was ever written, where do you start? What the heck do you include in one of these things? The short answer is whatever your heart desires, or I should say whatever her heart desires. After all, this poem is for her!

Women not only want to be told how much you love them, but also why you love them. They want to know details, so be specific. If you love the way she smiles at your dumb jokes, tell her so. If you can’t get enough of her soft kisses, ask her for more. If she provides you with loads of love and support, thank her for it. This love poem is your chance to tell her all of the things you could not live without.

If you are still unsure about how to write a love poem, I have good news… There are no rules! Your love poem can be long or short, funny or serious, skinny or fat, red or black… You get the idea. There are no boundaries, so have fun and be creative.

With that said, there is one thing that your love poem must be. It must be truthful. Never tell her lies. Never express emotions that you don’t feel or promises that you can’t keep. She deserves better than that, and if you can’t follow what I am calling The Truth Rule, then don’t even bother writing a love poem, because lies are not worth her time.

If you are willing to follow The Truth Rule, but you still need a little bit of love poem inspiration, then I have a few more tips to help you get started.

Get Inspired by Listening to Sappy Love Songs

Taylor Swift Red AlbumWhat better place to look for romantic wordsmith inspiration than to the people who do it for a living: musicians, songwriters, and singers! Nearly every band or artist has a love song credited to their name, whether they are stereotypically known for love songs (I’m talking about you, Taylor Swift), or they are punk and would never admit to writing a love song (see “She’s Automatic” by Rancid).

Love songs are a great place to gather inspiration and ideas for your love poem, because at their basic form songs are poems. The only difference between a love song and a love poem is that love songs are being performed along with music for millions of people, and love poems are meant to be read by a single person.

So, take a few minutes and listen to some of your favorite love songs. Pay attention to what the singer is truly saying to whomever he or she is singing about. Note how descriptions are used, references to their past are given, and promises for their future are made. Each love song paints a picture using phrases and metaphors that are unique to that couple, and your love poem should do the same thing.

Don’t have any favorite love songs? First, admit to yourself that you enjoy listening to “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and then check out my list of love songs below.

A Few of My Favorite Love Songs for Inspiration

  • “Love Story” by Taylor Swift – Buy on Amazon
  • “Something” by The Beatles – Buy on Amazon
  • “Better Together” by Jack Johnson (my wife and I’s first dance song at our wedding) – Buy on Amazon
  • “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney – Buy on Amazon
  • “This Feels A Lot Like Love” by Easton Corbin – Buy on Amazon

See a list of more love songs over at Billboard.

Imitate How It is Done in Romantic Movies

The Notebook Movie PosterThere is a reason why women cry when they watch movies such as The Notebook, even when it is being played on TV for the five millionth time. Women tear up every time Noah says, “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.” And then Noah and Ally succumb to their desires and make love all over the house Noah built with his bare hands as an homage to the woman he loves. The reason women get emotional during this scene and this movie is because it’s an idealization of how they want their own boyfriend, husband, or future man of their dreams to express himself to them.

Romantic movies are a great source of inspiration for writing your own love poem, because movies have a team of Hollywood’s best writers behind them. These writers know how to craft words and stories to maximize emotional response.

So, grab the DVD of your girlfriend’s favorite romantic comedy movie along with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and settle in for two hours of a serious love story surrounded by hilariously impossible antics. Don’t forget a box of tissues (to wipe the ice cream from your face, not tears). As you gobble up spoonfuls of Cherry Garcia, note the puns and over-the-top one-liners in the movie, along with the serious undertone as the main characters fall in love.

The plotline of the movie is likely idealistic, but why can’t your own life be ideal? Even if for only the moment when you give your partner the original love poem which you wrote for her. Think of yourself as the director choreographing the most romantic scene in the movie that is your life. What would the dialogue be during this scene? That dialogue should be the basis for your love poem.

If you can’t bring yourself to sit through even another 10 minutes of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, then check out my list below of some other romantic movies.

A Few of My Favorite Romantic Movies for Inspiration

See a list of more romantic movies over at AllWomenStalk.

Make it Rhyme (Maybe)

With all sorts of inspiration and ideas flowing through your veins, now is the time to actually put pen to paper. But what is the proper format for how to write a poem? As I said before, there are no rules (except for The Truth Rule of course), but there are proper poem forms and techniques. I am not a literary scholar, and this post is not about proper poetic form and meter. Instead, I will share with you the poem form which I prefer (it’s probably not an official poetic form, but it has been successful in getting smiles and kisses from my wife, so who cares about proper poetic form).

If I had to place a label on the form that I use, I would say that my poem form is a derivative version of the limerick format (if anyone can verify this or correct me, please do so). This format is the one I like to use when I write love poems for my wife, because it is easy to write and lots of fun to read. I will call this format the Love Limerick.

The Love Limerick poem has six lines. The last words in lines 1 and 2 rhyme. The last words in lines 3 and 5 do not rhyme. The last words in lines 4 and 6 rhyme. So, the rhyming structure looks like this:


In the above structure, lines with the same letter rhyme with each other. Lines with different letters do not rhyme with each other. An example of the rhyming structure using words looks like this:

… sun,
… fun,
… trees,
… walk,
… forever,
… talk.

With an understanding of the general format for your poem, you can begin to write the words you want to say. I recommend choosing a few words that you want to include that are easy to rhyme with (smile, happy, love, etc.) and then building the first two lines of your poem. These first two lines will probably function similar to a sentence, with a pause between them.

With your first two lines complete, consider the third line. The third line will probably be more descriptive and possibly function as a transition within the story you are telling.

After you have established your third line, use the fourth line to continue your story. Remember that the last word of the fourth line will rhyme with the last word of the poem, so choose a word that is easy to rhyme with (far, near, hug, etc.).

With the fourth line complete, you are two-thirds of the way to a finished love poem. Hooray! Use the fifth line to setup the ending of your poem. This line will probably function as the first half of the last sentence of your poem.

The sixth line is the final line of your poem. This line should provide the final punch line of your story. Remember that the last word of the sixth line should rhyme with the last word of the fourth line.

Example of a Completed Love Poem

Below I have included a love poem that I wrote several years ago for my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time. This poem was a gift for her on our six-month anniversary of dating. It follows the Love Limerick format described above.

“Six Months”
Six months together,
Each day even better.
You with your smiles,
And me with my laughs.
Can’t wait to live together,
So we can take baths.

The last line of that poem is a bit of an inside joke, which I am not going to explain.

Of course, your love poem does not have to rhyme. It doesn’t have to be a certain number of lines. It doesn’t have to follow the format described above. Your poem doesn’t even have to make sense as a cohesive paragraph. It simply has to be a truthful expression of yourself for the woman that you love. Having fun when writing your love poem will always produce the best results.

Presenting the Love Poem to Her

Once you have your completed poem written down on paper, you probably think that you are done, right? Wrong! You have to take this thing one step further by creating a classy presentation for the poem.

Presentation Tips for Your Love Poem

  • Handwrite Your Love Poem: Nothing will drain your love poem of all emotion more than typing it on a computer using Microsoft Word and printing it on a sheet of copy paper. Yes, this is unacceptable even if you use that cute Comic Sans font. Instead, take the time to handwrite your love poem, no matter how long it is. Your partner will appreciate the effort, and having your words in your own handwriting will give your poem the amount of personality that it needs.
  • Frame Your Love Poem: Framing your love poem will transform it into a proper gift. A frame will also allow your partner to proudly display the poem on a table or wall in her home, rather than on her refrigerator using a magnet advertisement from the local self-serve yogurt shop. After all of the effort you put into your love poem, it deserves to be displayed with prominence. The frame does not have to be anything elaborate. A simple black photo frame can be purchased for less than $10.00 from your local Target store. If your love poem is rather long, or if it is multiple pages, then framing it may not be possible.
  • Gift Wrap Your Love Poem: The final touch is to wrap your love poem. In the end, this poem is a gift for your partner, and it should be given the full treatment. Find some appropriate wrapping paper (Christmas paper with kittens tangled in ribbon probably isn’t going to cut it, unless your love poem is a Christmas poem). Finally, wrap that masterpiece up and choose the perfect time to present it to your partner. She is going to be very impressed!

If you’re not too bashful, share your original love poem by leaving a comment.

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