Recreate Your First Date for Your Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is the culmination of the days, weeks, months, or years that you and your partner have shared as boyfriend and girlfriend. Entering into an engagement starts a new chapter of both your lives and of your relationship. Your marriage proposal can serve as a reminder of all the good times you have shared together, starting with your very first date or meeting. Consider recreating your first encounter with each other as part of your marriage proposal. Think of your proposal as a time machine that transports you and her back to the day you first met. Here’s how to time travel, even without Doc’s DeLorean

Why Visiting the Past May be the Perfect Start of Your Future

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Assuming that you have chosen to get married for the right reasons, your marriage proposal is the climax of an amazing love story between you and your partner. There are all sorts of marriage proposal ideas to choose from, and one of the most caring and nostalgic proposals is one in which you recreate or revisit moments from your past, such as your first date or first meeting.

Once you have found the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with, the moment when you met that person becomes a very important piece of your life. Whether it was love at first sight or a chance meeting that took years to fully blossom, every couple has a story of how they met, and these stories are cherished memories that are told time and time again. Your partner will likely be overcome with emotion if she is able to relive that special moment with you again.

As you decide which unique marriage proposal idea is right for you and your partner, consider incorporating aspects of your shared past, or even completely recreating your first meeting or first date all together. Here’s how…

It’s All About Location

When using your first date or first meeting as the inspiration for your proposal, the location where you first met your partner is very important. Locations hold many memories, and revisiting them can spark recollections that otherwise had been forgotten. For example, having dinner at the same restaurant that you had your first date at could bring back memories of the butterflies she felt during that first evening.

Consider revisiting some of the following locations with your partner during your marriage proposal:

Where You First Met
For most couples, where they first met is a very clear memory. The first time your eyes met those of your future wife or husband is a powerful moment. This could have taken place at a school, an office, a cafe … Anywhere really. When revisiting this place, try to recreate all of the same details, including time of day, circumstances, and even your clothing if possible.

Where You First Kissed
The location of that first kiss with your partner, whether the kiss was passionate or awkward, is a special memory. Revisiting the location it happened at may or may not be possible. If the kiss occurred in a home that you no longer occupy, for example, then going back there may be impossible. If the kiss occurred in a public place, however, consider recreating the moment for your girlfriend.

Where You First Said, “I Love You”
Telling your partner that you love them for the first time is a big step in your relationship, and it was likely something that you thought about quite a bit at the time. Taking your girlfriend back to the place that you first confessed your feelings to her will show that those words were important to you then, and that they still are today.

Where You First Shared Dinner
If your first date with your partner was at a restaurant, consider visiting that same restaurant during your proposal. I suggest unveiling your proposal in whatever way you decide, and then following the proposal have dinner reservations at the restaurant where you had your first date. This will provide an excellent atmosphere to reflect on your relationship as you envision your future together as husband and wife.

The Magic is in the Details

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Revisiting a special place from your past will be wonderful for you and your girlfriend, but remembering all of the details of that first meeting is what will really impress her.

What was she wearing when you met? What were you wearing? What were the first words that you spoke to each other? Did you ask her for her phone number? Was it an uncomfortable encounter? Was it planned or unexpected? The answers to all of these questions will form the details of your first date and help to recreate the unique atmosphere of that moment. The more details you can remember and recreate, the better!

A few of the first date or first meeting details to recreate during your marriage proposal:

  • Clothing: Where the same outfit you were wearing that first day, and get her to do the same if possible.
  • Weather: You can’t predict the weather, but you can choose the same day of the year. Or, if you met during a rainstorm, get creative with sprinklers and water guns.
  • Time of Day: If you met at 7pm for your first date, do the same for your proposal. Or, if you met as strangers in a coffee shop during Monday morning rush hour, arrange for the same day and time for your proposal.
  • Dialogue: Say the same words that you said to her during your first meeting. The relevance then may be irrelevant now, but that is the fun of it. If you first saw her as a high school freshman and said, “Damn girl, you’re looking fine!” Say it again, and you’ll probably get a good laugh from her.
  • Gifts: If you gave her a bouquet of purple roses on your first date, give her another bouquet of purple roses. Or, if on your first meeting you offered to pay for her frozen yogurt, do it again.

Have fun planning your marriage proposal and thinking back on all of the great experiences that you have shared with your girlfriend. When you recreate your first date, you’ll show her that you have never forgotten how important the moment she came into your life was for you.

If you could take a walk down memory lane, what parts of your first date would you want to relive? Let us know in the comments.

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Shawn Waite is husband to a wonderful woman and father to identical twin daughters. He is the author of the Guys Guide to Proposing Marriage, which helps you plan the marriage proposal of her dreams. You can follow Shawn on Twitter @GG2Proposing.

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