Planning a Marriage Proposal on Her Birthday

Are you searching the calendar for the perfect date to propose marriage to your girlfriend? How do you choose a day from those 365 options? The date that you choose to propose is an important consideration. You and your girlfriend will remember that date for the rest of your lives, and it will likely become somewhat of a secondary anniversary for you both.

The Perfect Proposal Date May be the Day She Was Born

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When you are considering many marriage proposal ideas, choosing the perfect date will set a wonderful stage for your proposal. There are several dates that may seem like good options, such as Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or Christmas. One date that you may want to consider is her birthday.

Planning to propose to your girlfriend on her birthday provides the perfect cover to keep your proposal as a surprise. She will already be expecting some sort of special event for her birthday such as gifts, a romantic dinner, or a celebration. So, you can disguise all of your secret proposal planning as part of her birthday surprises. This will lead to fewer questions from her regarding your need to do a little solo shopping leading up to the big day.

For many women, their birthday is a time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the coming one. Resolutions or new goals are often set, and a marriage proposal is a great way to start the latest year of her life with loads of excitement.

Some Do Nots for a Birthday Proposal

  • Do Not Hide the Ring in Her Birthday Cake: Hiding the ring anywhere other than inside a box is usually not a great idea. That ring is probably one of the most important items you have ever possessed. Treat it with respect. Besides, nobody wants to have to lick frosting from the inside of an engagement ring before sliding it on their finger.
  • Do Not Propose on Her Birthday if She Hates Her Birthday: While many women love their birthday, several do not. She may see it as just another year older, or a day that she dreads each year. If this is the case for your girlfriend, think carefully before planning a birthday proposal. You want her to be in the right mindset for the proposal, and a mindset of sadness about being another year older is not going to provide the happiness and excitement that your proposal deserves.
  • Do Not Forget to Tell Her, “Happy Birthday!”: With all of the proposal planning, you may forget that it is still your girlfriend’s birthday. Remember that while you are planning a marriage proposal, there is still a birthday to be recognized and celebrated. Be sure to have a small birthday gift for her (the engagement ring is the big gift), and consider incorporating a special birthday message into your speech.

Some Dos for a Birthday Proposal

  • Have a Cake for Her: Just because you are proposing does not mean you forget about celebrating her birthday. Have a cake, presents, and a card for her, but plan how these items will be incorporated into the proposal. The marriage proposal and birthday should work together, not as separate unrelated events.
  • Have a Speech: During a birthday proposal, the ring will probably become her main birthday gift, but that does not mean you shouldn’t present it to her with a speech telling her how much you love her and want to be with her. When presenting the ring as a birthday gift, you should still give a speech and formally propose. Don’t assume that opening a little square box with a sparking diamond ring will automatically be perceived as a proposal. After all, this is her birthday. She is expecting all sorts of sparkling gifts.
  • Plan the Entire Evening: Since it is her birthday, there will likely be other celebrations planned, such as a family gathering or a night out with friends. Be sure to consider the timing of these other events when planning your proposal. If on the evening of her birthday she plans to have drinks with all of her girlfriends without the boys, then do not propose prior to her leaving. If you do, she will either cancel on her friends to spend time with you, or she will have to leave you immediately following the proposal. Neither scenario is ideal. Rather, you should plan the entire birthday evening, from who is invited to where you are going. You should be in full control of the proposal and the aftermath celebrations.

Remember that this should be the best birthday that she has ever had, and it will be if you put in the time and effort to make it so. The engagement ring that you present her with will go down in her history as her favorite birthday gift, but the truly best birthday gift that she ever received was you!

If you were to propose on your girlfriend’s birthday, what things would you do to make a birthday proposal special? Let us know in the comments.

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