Planning an Exuberant Thanksgiving Marriage Proposal

Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks and celebrating friends and family. What better way to show your gratitude to the woman you love than with a marriage proposal? Your Thanksgiving proposal will include great food, warm family, and of course lots of love.

This article will highlight examples of Thanksgiving marriage proposal ideas for you to consider, from a surprise proposal at the dinner table to making her wish come true after breaking the wishbone.

A Proposal at the Family Dinner Table

thanksgiving marriage proposal ideas

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Family is a big part of any holiday, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Many families have a tradition of gathering around the Thanksgiving dinner table and sharing a meal. This may be the perfect opportunity to propose to your girlfriend. If you decide to propose during dinner with your family and friends, be sure of a few things:

  • Will She Say Yes? Nothing brings a family holiday dinner to a screeching halt faster than a failed engagement. If you are unsure whether your girlfriend will be happy with your proposal, do not propose in front of family. If she is unsure, your girlfriend may feel pressured to say yes even though she has doubts. That is not a good thing.

    If you are confident that your girlfriend will be overjoyed and excited to marry you, then proposing at the family dinner table may be perfect.

  • Make Sure the Mood Is Right: Family dynamics always have their quirks. A younger brother may have recently announced that he decided to drop out of college. Young children may be noisily playing underneath the dinner table. Whatever the case, the atmosphere of the family Thanksgiving dinner may have a few negative undertones that could impact your proposal.

    If there is something going on in the family that is causing an awkwardness to the dinner atmosphere, you may not want to add a marriage proposal into the mix. Be mindful of this.

    If there are no family issues acting as the elephant in the Thanksgiving dining room, then by all means proceed with your proposal. It will add to the joyous occasion and give everyone another thing to be thankful for!

Propose After Breaking the Wishbone

thanksgiving marriage proposal ideas

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If proposing during the family dinner is too public for you, then you should consider creating a special private moment between you and your girlfriend on Thanksgiving.

One way of orchestrating a private moment is with the turkey wishbone. The tradition of breaking the turkey wishbone goes like this: Two people grab the dried wishbone. With each person holding one end of the wishbone, they pull in opposite directions until the bone breaks. Whomever is left with the piece of the bone that includes the joint is the winner and will have their wish granted.

So, how can you use the wishbone to propose marriage? Easy. Gather the wishbone and your girlfriend, and ask her to break the wishbone with you. One of two things will happen:

  • If She Wins the Wishbone Tradition: If she wins, say to her, “I’m not sure what you wished for, but can I make one of your dreams come true right now?” Then go into your full proposal speech, get on bended knee, and pop open that ring box!
  • If You Win the Wishbone Tradition: If you win, say to her, “There’s only one thing I’d wish for right now, and that’s you.” Then unleash your full proposal speech, drop to bended knee, and wow her with that engagement ring!

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways … If dried turkey bones are not her thing, you probably should stay away from the wishbone proposal.

List All That You are Thankful For About Her

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and who is important to you. If you are planning to propose marriage, your girlfriend should be on the very top of this list. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to tell her how thankful you are for her and what she does for you.

You can do this at the dinner table if your family has a tradition of taking turns sharing what they are thankful for. Or, you can choose to share with her privately why you are thankful for her.

Whatever the case, tell her specifically what you are thankful for. No, I don’t mean tell her that you are thankful she bought you the new Grand Theft Auto V game (but if she did that is awesome). I mean tell her you are thankful for the fact that she loves you. You are thankful that she supports you in your career goals. You are thankful that she recognizes the life that you want to share with her. You get the idea.

After telling her exactly why you are so thankful this Thanksgiving, move on into the rest of your proposal speech, then you know the drill. Drop to that knee, open that ring box, and pop the question she has been waiting for since the day she met you.

Don’t Stuff a Diamond Ring Inside a Turkey

thanksgiving proposal ideas

photo credit Tim Sackton

This is another thing that should go without saying, but lots of guys get overzealous when it comes to their marriage proposals and just don’t think (bless their hearts). Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not stuff the engagement ring inside of the turkey!

For a second you may think it would be fun for her to have to find the ring in the turkey, and then you could roll into your proposal speech. Stop now. Rummaging her hands through turkey innards will not be fun for her in any way. And then to slip a beautiful engagement ring onto a slimy, turkey-stuffing-soaked finger will not be charming. It will be gross. Throw that idea out of the car window right now.

Is a Thanksgiving Marriage Proposal Right for You?

Only you can decide if any of these Thanksgiving marriage proposal ideas are right for you. More importantly, are they right for your girlfriend? As always, lead with your heart and think with your mind.

Regardless of whether you choose to propose this thanksgiving, take the opportunity to tell your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife how thankful you are for her. She will be thankful that you did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What about your partner are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments.

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